Engagement Photography at Riverfront Park: Lauren + Will

Sun-Drenched Engagement Photography in Denver


Hearing couples share how they met, while we share a glass of wine with them, is one of our favorite parts of being wedding photographers. How many people get to hear love stories as part of their work? We’ve had clients who’ve met on a cruise, in Mexico, in High School, and on Match.com. In this case, Lauren and Will met at a bar! He went down to his local hangout reluctantly with some buddies even though he was on crutches. She was just relaxing having a drink with some friends. Somehow their groups collided and they hung out… but at the end of the night Will and Lauren went their separate ways. However, somehow one of Lauren’s friends ended up with Will’s nice sunglasses and he was willing to do just about anything to get them back. After much detective work (and convincing the girls he wasn’t a creeper, but just wanted his sunglasses) he set up an exchange with Lauren. He bought her a drink for her trouble, and they ended up spending the entire evening talking!  They’ve been together ever since. Adorable!

We could have sat there all day just talking with them! But, after hearing this story and their (just as funny and cute) engagement story, we decided to take some engagement pictures (since that was why we were there). Here’s to crazy kids finding love in unexpected places!