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Denver Engagement Photography

Denver, Colorado is a fantastic location for engagement photography. With plenty of urban areas downtown as well as open fields and parks throughout the city, an engaged couple can choose from quite a few engagement photography locations in Denver. Jason and Gina love to shoot outdoor engagement sessions. It's one of the best ways to for couples to get to know what it feels like to be photographed together.

Engagement Photographers in Denver

Couples love their outdoor engagement sessions in Denver. Husband and wife photographers, Jason and Gina, help their couples feel relaxed, natural, and at ease in front of the camera. Most couples warm up to the camera within a few minutes of shooting. Photography is about more that just pictures. Fantastic engagement photography comes from a warm and welcoming relationship between the photographers and the engaged couple.

Denver Wedding Photographer

These Denver wedding photographers are known for their amazing sunny wedding and engagement photos, their fun personalities, and their ability watch for natural moments to happen between a bride and groom. They love photographing engagement sessions and weddings in Denver, their home town, as well as throughout Colorado… and anywhere the sun shines!

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Denver Engagement Photos | Kim+Adam


Gina’s Take
Aahhhh… Colorado. This engagement session was during late summer/early fall when the days last forever and the sun turns everything into a golden brown color, like honey. What a marked difference the weather is from that day to today! This morning is full of crunchy snow underfoot and frosty breath… our kiddo’s bundled up like little marshmallow people. The best part is that regardless of the conditions out, the sun shines on. A gloomy day or two followed by glorious, glorious sun. This weather is one of the many reasons I love, love, love Colorado. Now, having grown up here, I may be biased, but I don’t care. It’s the best. Four distinct seasons, and none of them unbearable or harsh. Every time the weather changes I give a little cheer and plan our seasonal fun! Today, in the snow, squirt bottles of colored water to decorate the abundant (and quickly fleeting) canvas of white!
Jason’s Take
Gina and I just got home from a three day road trip. Yes, a road trip between snow storms across Eastern Colorado and through most of Kansas. We traveled to the home of Kansas University – Lawrence, Kansas. Jordan and Michelle invited us to see a KU Jayhawks basketball game – and we took them up on the offer. Having never attended a college basketball game before, apparently we went straight to the top. The passion and uncompromising unity of the fans was unforgettable (and quite loud!). The experience was incredible. Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

I shared this story – traveling quite a distance to do something fun together – as a lead in to Kim and Adam’s engagement session. They traveled over four hours for their engagement session in Denver. It was a perfect afternoon for sun-drenched goodness! There are times when we’re hired just for engagement pictures. Kim and Adam are getting married (and already chose a local wedding photographer) in 2012 and sought wedding photographers in Denver for their engagement session. We’re thrilled they chose us, drove three hundred miles in their half-ton truck, and spend the afternoon in the sun with us. It’s always such a privilege to capture a snapshop of a couple’s journey – if only for just an afternoon – and leave them with something timeless.