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Della Terra Wedding Photography

Jason+Gina were the Della Terra wedding photographers retained by this sweet Colorado couple to photograph their outdoor wedding in Estes Park. The weather in the middle of October was near perfect for their Autumn wedding. Near Rocky Mountain National Park, this wedding was perfectly set in the Aspen and Pine trees surrounding the Della Terra Mountain Chateau. This couple took advantage of nearly all of the wedding venue areas including: The Celebration Patio, The Gathering Place, The Celebration Bar, The Dance Place, The Music Place, and The Creation Place. The bride made her final preparations in one of the fourteen luxury suites Della Terra offers. The warm afternoon and the crisp, cool air made the entire afternoon perfectly comfortable for their wedding guests.

Estes Park Wedding Photographers

Considered one of the best wedding photographers in Estes Park and throughout Colorado, Jason and Gina love weddings in Estes Park. The sun tends to light wedding photos magically as it passes through the forrest trees. The breathtaking views near Estes Park provide an amazing backdrop for pictures. Clients often rave about Jason and Gina's photography style and use of the natural Colorado light. The bride and groom loved their wedding pictures, group formals, candid wedding photos, and relaxed couple portraits.

Destination weddings in Estes Park

The Della Terra Mountain Chateau is a perfect locations for destination weddings in Estes Park. Family and guests can enjoy the natural surroundings and marvelous outdoors near Estes Park while the bride and groom rest easy knowing that everything they need for their wedding is at their wedding venue. We highly recommend this wedding venue for brides planning their wedding near Estes Park.

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Carrie+Derek | Married



Gina’s Take
Wow, it just hit me that the 2011 wedding season is over! I know that revelation may seem delayed to some of you…well, probably all of you… but it is totally just sinking in for me. Just when I’m feeling like I’ve hit my stride, that year’s gone. It’s over before I know it. One of these years, I’m going to get our Christmas presents bought before the last-minute! Or get around to scrapbooking the thousands of pictures I have waiting. Or keep a running routine all year-long. Or be completely caught up on laundry, dishes, and work all at the same time! Blah, blah blah. The list goes on and on and I didn’t achieve everything I expected of myself this year. Now, I could get all legalistic on myself for not being perfect, and definitely have gone that route in the past. However, this year instead of resolving to try try try harder, I’m resolving to let go. Our lives are rich, full, imperfect, and slightly chaotic. This year I’m cool with that.

Jason’s Take
Estes Park is an unbelievable hidden gem in Colorado. When I was a kid, my grandparents took my sister and me to Estes Park every year. We had a blast buying touristy toys and eating salt water taffy. As an adult, I easily skip the toys, the touristy areas, and the taffy (although I usually have to stop with Gina for taffy)… and instead, I marvel at the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park. Having grown up in Colorado, I often take this magnificent state for granted. I admire the sharp edges of the mountains that explode out of the ground with awe and wonder. The magnitude of the scenery punches me in the chest every time we drive over the pass into Estes.

Carrie and Derek selected a stellar location for their wedding in Estes Park. This adorably affectionate and lighthearted couple enjoyed their gorgeous October wedding with friends and family at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau. Nestled in the forest on the side of a rather steep slope, this outdoor wedding venue supplied a perfect rustic, elegant experience.

Thank you to all of the fantastic wedding vendors that orchestrated this amazing afternoon: Brynn and Amber with Save the Date Events, Jenny from Plum Sage Flowers, Samantha with Lady Charm Artistry, Herbie (the Love Judge), Raising Cain (Band), Pink Posy Design (Candy Buffet), Dbar Deserts (Cakes).