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Breckenridge Wedding Photographers

Breckenridge wedding photographers, Jason+Gina, captured this beautiful outdoor wedding at one of Breckenridge's most beautiful locations for intimate weddings, the V3 Ranch. The incredible views from this enormous log cabin house are breathtaking for both the bride and groom as well as the wedding guests. This husband and wife photography team love weddings in the Colorado mountains - especially in late Summer when the weather is just perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Wedding Photography at V3 Ranch

Wedding photos at the V3 Ranch in Breckenridge are absolutely stunning. The view from the V3 Ranch yard make for amazing wedding photos. The house can easily hold 50-100 wedding guests and the yard is perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony overlooking the town of Breckenridge. Couples who book the V3 Ranch tend to love outdoor weddings, good microbrew, and lots of laughter!

Wedding Photographers in Breckenridge

Jason and Gina are wedding photographers in Breckenridge available for couples planning to get married in the great Colorado outdoors. These photographers specialize in outdoor wedding photography for active lifestyle couples planning their destination wedding in the Rocky Mountains. Their love for the outdoors and laid back Colorado approach set their wedding couples at ease in front of the camera.

Breckenridge Wedding Photographers Jason+Gina, are among the best wedding photographers in Colorado and are available for weddings worldwide.

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Emily + Mike | Married


Gina’s Take
As I sit in our office wrapped up in a cozy sweater and fuzzy socks looking through Emily and Mike’s wedding, I am reminded how fleeting Autumn is. Their wedding, just over a month ago, was right as the nights turned crisp and you could feel Fall hovering just around the bend. Every day we’re waiting for the first touch of gold to hit the trees and enjoying the cool, calm weather. Then today we were hit with a 40 degree high temperature and possible snow this weekend. I know we are all excited for winter and an awesome early start to ski season, but I am not ready to let go of Autumn quite yet. I want to sit outside and not need a coat or have to brush snow off the chair lol. So, for my sake, let this weekend be a glitch in what is otherwise a long and beautiful Autumn.

Jason’s Take
Every once in a while, we receive emails that are worthy of printing and posting on the refrigerator (not unlike our kids bringing home an A on an assignment in school and proudly displaying it). We’re so fond of Emily and Mike and the following e-mail is worthy of saving!

In the spirit of all the thank you notes we’re writing these days, I did want to extend our gratitude to you as well.  Throughout the whole planning process you were by far the best vendor to deal with, prompt, professional, informative, and ultimately very helpful . . . and on top of all that it was fun to have you and Gina at the wedding and all the images are fantastic.  Our wedding was not so much in the details as it was in the people and you managed to capture that beautifully.  Hopefully it was an enjoyable day of work and wedding firsts for you!

We did, in fact, witness some unique moments on their wedding day… seeing as how we’ve shot enough weddings that we can’t keep track, that’s quite a feat. The many firsts we experienced at Emily and Mike’s wedding include the mother of the groom exclaimed “sex” just before every group/formal shot, the entire reception breaking out in a wave (yes, the wave, like in a stadium), and a spontaneous tunnel (like a sports team runs through) on the dance floor. Thank you Emily and Mike for giving us a day full of “firsts”!

Finally, as the weather is changing, I’m  excited to get back out there on the snowboard. I’m hoping to do a few more winter engagement sessions on a snowboard, like I did with Emily and Mike.