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Elopement wedding photographers, Jason+Gina, a husband and wife photography team, were hired by an amazing couple for their destination wedding in Colorado. The intimate wedding at V3 Ranch took place in the yard overlooking the town of Breckenridge. The perfect weather and sun-drenched afternoon made for some amazing wedding photos. These photographers love small weddings in the Colorado mountains.

Elopement Photography in Colorado

Brides travel from around the world to celebrate their elopements in the Colorado mountains. These wedding photographers feel honored and privileged when they are retained for elopement photography in Colorado. They are excellent at helping couples feel at ease and relaxed in front of the camera. Their brides often comment on these photographer's professionalism as well as their laid back nature.

Breckenridge Wedding Photography

Jason and Gina love Breckenridge wedding photography. The town provides stunning views of the Colorado mountains as well as the small town feel that couples planning their elopement are drawn to. Breckenridge is only a short drive from Denver and is a popular destination for weddings year round. This photography team has captured weddings in each season in Breckenridge. When they're not shooting weddings in Breckenridge, they're backpacking (in the Summer) and snowboarding (in the Winter).

Breckenridge wedding Photographers Jason+Gina, are outdoor wedding photographers considered by their clients the top photographers in Colorado.

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Aileen + Dan | Elopement



Gina’s Take
Bride – check. Groom – check. Officiant – check. These are the only three things required to perform a wedding. Really, the only thing that matters is the bride and groom… everything else is just details. That’s the thought Aileen and Dan had while planning their wedding. They recently spent time apart (deployment) and didn’t want to be distracted from each other on their wedding day. So, they didn’t have a traditional wedding. Instead, they took a week exploring Colorado together and ended their vacation with a Breckenridge elopement finale. They got married at a beautiful venue, utilized a wedding planner, commissioned a personal chef for their patio dinner, and got a couple of  photogs to capture the day, all without all the fanfare of a typical wedding (which I also do LOVE!).

Jason’s Take
Denver County Judge Herbert Galchinsky (AKA: Herbie, the Love Judge), is a no-nonsense guy. This was not our first wedding with Herbie, and I hope it’s not the last. He was the officiant at Carrie and Derek’s Estes Park wedding last year. Herbie is all business at a wedding. That is, until you hear him speak during a ceremony. His genuine affection for the couples he is marrying is like a wonderfully cool glass of chocolate milk after a long run (my current obsession). He reminds me of my of my grandfather, an incredible man I miss so deeply. As a Judge with decades of experience on the bench, he sees just how brutal the dissolution of marriages can be. As a husband of over 50 years, he offers gems of advice from a life well lived. One of the points I took away from his message, at this wedding, was how important it is for couples to balance time together with time apart (he encourages hobbies). My two hobbies are fly-fishing and poker. Both are ‘games of skill’ that emphasize patience and tenacity. Both make me feel alive and refreshed. I’d venture to say that Gina’s favorite hobby, besides Pinterest, is shopping at Crate & Barrel and J.CREW (I have a feeling she might edit this out). Haha, funny – from Gina.

Thanks Brynn with Save the Date Events for planning this sweet afternoon elopement at the V3 Ranch and introducing us to Aileen and Dan. The floral arrangements by Petal and Bean were gorgeous. It was an incredibly enjoyable afternoon and a privilege to be a part of.