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Breckenridge Wedding Photography

Breckenridge, Colorado is an incredible location for wedding photography and engagement photography. The town of Breckenridge as well as the surrounding areas provide magnificent backdrops for outdoor weddings and engagement sessions. Jason+Gina spend much of their free time during the Summer and Winter enjoying the Colorado outdoors near Breck.

Engagement Photography in Breckenridge

Many of Jason+Gina's clients prefer to head to the amazing Rocky Mountains for their outdoor engagement sessions. There are thousands of locations around Breckenridge for engagement photography. Jason+Gina were introduced to this amazing location for engagement photography by their clients Kate and Matt.

Engagement Photography Denver

A Denver wedding planner recently shared that this engagement session in Breckenridge was her favorite all-time engagement session. Though Jason+Gina reside in Denver, they travel throughout Colorado and the world to photograph couples in natural light and outdoor settings.

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Engagement Photography in Breckenridge | Kate+Matt


Gina’s Take
Kate and Matt love the mountains and wanted their engagement pictures in Breckenridge – talk about our kind of people! We followed them to one of their favorite lakes on a very chilly afternoon. Luckily, they had their matching Patagonia puffy jackets in the car to stay warm! They repeatedly assured us they purchased their coats separately and their intention was not to match, but I think it’s quite adorable. Kate planned their outfits around Matt’s favorite shirt (or, her favorite shirt of his) and they were perfect for the mountain setting. I love his plaid shirt, scruff, her boots and leggings, and her amazing wind-blown hair. Sometimes couples feel like them must make their engagement shoot a big event with props, a theme, and uncomfortable outfit choices. We believe that natural and comfortable tends to trump staged much of the time. Kate and Matt got it right: Breath-taking mountains, a playful adorable couple, a few beers, and the best accessory of the day… their wonderful dog, Barlow.
Jason’s Take
There’s something amazing about the first snow of the year… even if it’s at 11,000 feet and I’m wearing shorts.

Kate and Matt’s engagement session started in the town of Breckenridge with a quick stop to pick up a six-pack of cold microbrew. The day was overcast and drizzly. Their special spot was about 20 minutes outside of Breckenridge and at least 11,000 ft above sea level. The sun, when it arrived, was marvelous. The cool autumn wind carried Kate’s hair in every direction. Then we saw it coming, over the ridge… the blizzard. We snuck down into a brilliant grove of aspen trees for a few pics before it hit. Then, boom – the snow came. We were up near a mountain lake and hiked through the horizontally screaming snow to captured a few pics near the water’s edge. I was wonderfully soaked, exhilarated, and down right frozen.

Kate and Matt – that was just the beginning! We can’t wait for your wedding next year at Spruce Mountain Ranch with the amazing Brynn with Save the Date Events.