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Jason and Gina are sun-loving Boulder wedding photographers specializing in outdoor weddings throughout Colorado. Couples love the way this husband and wife photography team capture timeless images in Colorado's natural light. They are committed and passionate wedding photographers serving couples from all over the world who plan their destination weddings in Colorado.

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Boulder, Colorado, is a popular location in the front range for weddings. If you love outdoor, sun-drenched, wedding photography with a blend of modern wedding photojournalism, Jason and Gina would be a great match for your wedding. They are a husband and wife team of photographers who know how it feels to be in love and are experts at capturing love and joy for generations to share.

Boulder Country Club Wedding Photos

These Boulder wedding photographers created amazing wedding pictures for this couple that was married at the Boulder Country Club. Jason and Gina love Boulder and all that it has to offer from outdoor wedding venues, to fantastic downtown locations. Their style captures the one-of-a-kind Boulder, Colorado feel.

Wedding photographers in Boulder, Jason+Gina are outdoor wedding photographers with dozens of client reviews recommending them as the best photographers for Boulder weddings.

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Rachel + Nate | Married



Gina’s Take
I was a June bride. An early June bride. Those of us from Colorado know how tricky weather can be in early June. There could be snow, sun, or rain… or all three! To increase the stakes we planned an outdoor wedding. Actually, I was incredibly determined to have my outdoor pasture wedding ceremony. Meaning that I was having my outdoor wedding come hell or high water… and nothing was going to stop me. After the fact, I’m slightly embarrassed about how far I was willing to go to be outside. I was more than willing to walk down a muddy aisle and force my lovely guests to sit through a rainstorm. Just so that I could be outside! I don’t know what got into me but I’m cured now, married (happily), and fortunately my craziness (aka my unstoppable passion for being outdoors) wasn’t given the opportunity to rear it’s ugly head on our wedding day.

Rachel was a November bride. We all know November is also a weather gamble. The day was gorgeous. Cloudless. FREEZING. She had an indoor ceremony, but wanted all their portraits outside (hence why she hired us). I love the fact that she didn’t let a little cold weather stop her from getting the pictures she wanted, but that could just be my crazy talking! In all seriousness, it was a beautiful afternoon to shoot. She and Nate had a great time and they got the pictures they wanted. Win, win… win.

Jason’s Take
The Colorado sun doesn’t hide, even when the air is frigid. Hazy days don’t do it for me. I live for beautiful, brilliant light. Whether it’s a gorgeous, scorching July afternoon or a chilly, yet brilliantly sunny afternoon in November, you will find me out there. The latter was what we experienced at Rachel and Nate’s November wedding at the Boulder Country Club. Sunny and cold. I also love it when a couple prefers to be in the sun, regardless of the temperature! Rachel and Nate’s excitement was more than enough to keep us all warm as we photographed their amazing day.