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Beaver Creek Engagement Photos
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Beaver Creek Engagement Photos

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers love Beaver Creek engagement photos any time of the year. Whether a couple prefers to have their engagement session in the freshness of spring, the warmth of summer, the colors of fall, or the cool of winter; this photography team is happy to spend time in Beaver Creek year round! This session took place at a private residence in Beaver Creek on a snowy, cool morning.

Winter Engagement Pictures

Winter engagement pictures are vibrant and bright. Clear skies provide beautiful light and the snow capped Rocky Mountains make a beautiful backdrop. Engagement sessions in sub zero temperatures definitely bring a couple close together!

Considered to be the best photographers in Colorado for outdoor weddings and engagement sessions, Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers provide an incredible experience and amazing images. Get to know them here.

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Jessica + Chris | Engaged



Jason’s Take
Gina and I share the same account. So when I make any purchase, she gets to see what I bought (on the spur of the moment most likely). In turn, I see all of her orders. This past December, I saw a very cool order come through our Amazon account. A brand new pair of size ten Caribou Sorel boots. Naturally curious, I hollered downstairs to Gina to find out if she had just ordered some boots for her Dad for Christmas. Sheepishly, she said, “Um… No!”. Ahhhh shoot. I just saw one of my Christmas presents! I didn’t mind. Sorel makes the best winter boots imaginable. Lucky for me, just a few days after Christmas, I had the opportunity to walk around in the hills outside of Beaver Creek with Jessica And Chris… wearing my new boots. My feet were warm as can be. Thank you Gina – you’re the best!

Gina’s Take
Well, I shouldn’t have read “Jason’s Take” before knowing what I was going to write about… because now all I can think about is how cute he is! Usually, I get my writing done first and he curses me for running with a good idea. On this rare occasion, though, he beat me to it. It’s not hard to buy for a man who has so many wonderful passions and interests (keeping it a surprise is another thing). This past year alone his presents included a canoe, a banjo, new fly fishing waders, a Single Malt Scotch cabinet, Sorels (but you already know that). Sometimes his passionate spirit can be overwhelming! More often than not, listening to hour after hour of the same banjo tune or daily trips to the lake for canoeing just makes me love him more.

This engagement session had all the ingredients we love: an affectionate couple, an abundance of sun, and lots of outdoor mountain goodness.