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Colorado is the perfect place to plan an Autumn engagement photography session. These wedding photographers love outdoor engagement sessions with couples throughout the year. Autumn happens to be one of the most beautiful times of the year in Colorado. If you're planning your engagement or wedding in Colorado, Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers recommends booking for Autumn well in advance! The schedule fills up fast.

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Andrea + Carrston | Engaged



Zach & Michelle’s Take
Fall afternoons in Colorado can be fairly unpredictable. They are either beautiful, sunny, and warm… or cloudy, downright cold, and sometimes even snowy. Rarely is there ever an in-between. Jason always jokes that we bring the sun with us for engagement shoots… That was the case for this beautiful afternoon! Andrea and Carrston’s romantic personalities perfectly matched the warm, relaxing weather for a walk in the park. Denver parks, late in the season, have some of the largest, most colorful trees around, and we were able to capture what makes this city such a great place to live during the Autumn.

Jason & Gina’s Take
The weather in Colorado is never boring… that’s for sure. We’re so thankful to live in a state that has four distinct seasons. The incredible colors of Autumn in Colorado make it one of our top four favorite seasons. 🙂 Andrea and Carrston ooze warmth and sweet affection. Their wedding this coming Autumn is perfectly scheduled to take advantage of a warm and colorful September afternoon!