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Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are engagement photographers in colorado who specialize in relaxed outdoor portraits for engaged couples. Their sun-drenched wedding photography is known throughout Colorado and the US. They love the color and richness of autumn engagement sessions, and often book engagement session months in advance. When they're not photographing in the Colorado outdoors, they spend their time backpacking, fishing, hiking, running, biking and snowboarding (in the Winter).

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Mallory + Zach | Engaged


Jason’s Take
The recent Colorado floods took out one of our favorite spots for engagement photos near Boulder. The location, we’ve nicknamed “The Spot”, had a pedestrian bridge over a little river that allowed access to outdoor perfection. That bridge is gone… and thus when I took Mallory and Zach out to “The Spot” for this engagement session, we were out of luck. You just never know what you’re going to get in Colorado. I raced through memories trying to think of another location, nearby, that would still allow us to use the quickly descending afternoon light. I remembered his massive field near a road that I commonly enjoy on long bike rides up and around Boulder. Maybe I saw the no parking signs, maybe I didn’t… regardless, I promised to pay any tickets left on our windshields as we ventured into one of the best spots I’ve discovered on the front range. The tall grass, well-worn trees, and Autumn leaves made for a perfect place make great pictures. Alas, no tickets, no apologies, no regrets… this ‘new spot’ will be our little secret!

Gina’s Take
Jason and I drive together a lot. He always drives (thanks babe) and relies on his internal compass to direct us, even if his compass is a little foggy. In fact, his favorite response when I ask if he knows how to get where ever we are going is, “basically”. That’s usually when I whip out Google Maps (let’s face it, nobody has time to depend on Siri’s navigational skills … although she tries her best…) to ensure we don’t “feel our way” to the wrong side of town. So, it comes as no surprise to me that he “felt” his way to an incredible spot for this engagement shoot. I’m glad he trusted his instincts on this one 😉