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Jason and Gina love engagement photography in Aspen. These photographers only shoot outdoor engagement sessions, and there's not a better place than Aspen for weddings and engagement sessions. These photographers love spending time in this historic Colorado town when they're working (at weddings). They also love to spend time in Aspen when they're not shooting a wedding. This mountain town has everything one would need for a Colorado adventure.

Aspen Engagement Photographers

These Aspen engagement photographers love exploring Aspen during an engagement session. Whether their photographing a couple near the Roaring Fork river, in an aspen grove, or downtown Aspen... there are dozens of perfect locations for amazing outdoor engagement photos. Many couples plan their wedding outside Colorado and travel to Aspen to vacation. Jason + Gina are often hired just for an engagement session while a couple is vacationing in Aspen. Regardless of whether this photography team shoots your wedding or not - they're always happy to spend time in Aspen for an engagement session.

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are Aspen wedding photographers considered by many to be among the top wedding photographers.

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Meredith + Cort | Engaged


Gina’s Take
I’ll admit – I have hair envy. My limp, lifeless, dishwater blonde hair leaves me longing for anything to give it pizzazz. In truth, I’ve spent more than I would like to admit at the salon in my quest. Don’t get me wrong, I have grown to mostly like my hair. However, if I saw Meredith walking down the street, I’d sigh over her perfect tresses. Her natural red is a color many women sadly attempt to achieve and fail miserably at. It curls softly down her back… it looks effortless. Le sigh. I cannot wait to see her hair style on her wedding day. If her engagement shoot is any indication, it will look dreamy. As for me, with cold weather rapidly approaching, I’ll just throw on a beanie and call it good. Jason’s always likes me in a beanie anyway.
Jason’s Take
The best way to start an engagement session, hands down, is over a beer at the Aspen Brewing Company. We partook in ABC’s amazing brews before heading out for an engagement session. The brewery/bar is relaxed, open, airy and somehow intimate at the same time. For dog lovers, the couple of dogs that hang out in the bar are a particular highlight. Their happy tails and smiling faces draw you in like a warm embrace. This was our first time meeting Meredith and Cort person… So, while they enjoyed a little liquid courage (as did I, an IPA to be specific), we spent some time chatting about life, love, and, of course, their wedding in Aspen this September.

And yes… I’m hoping that the evening after their wedding is chilly enough for Gina to pull out her beanie – cause I do think she looks adorable in it.